Mined Out!

£15.99 £14.39

Contents:4 Player Cards
4 Reference Cards
4 Custom Miner Meeples
4 Dynamite Pieces
16 Tracker Pieces
16 Upgrade Cards
12 Supports
48 Mine Cards

Ages: 8 and up.

Players: 1-4 per copy.

Play Time: 30 minutes.



Mined Out! is a pocket-sized game from the designer of Downsize that sees players explore deep mines in search of precious gems.Players can use a multitude of strategies to win: from trying to outrun their opponents and end the game early, using dynamite to sabotage your friends, or trying to build the biggest, most productive mine.

With great wooden components, bright and colourful art, and easy to grasp gameplay, Mined Out is great for everyone from families to experienced board gamers.