Battle of Britain

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Battle of Britain simulates the epic air battles of 1940. Upto 4 players can play controlling either the Lftwaffe or British RAF aircraft.
The Luftwaffe player must carefully plan, organize, and coordinate flights and send them on dangerous missions.
The RAF player must decide where and when to hazard his meagre fighter forces to stop the onslaught of German Bombers and Fighters.
Richard Borg is the writer of the game so it’s very much in the style of the tried and trusted Command of Colours gaming system.
Inside the box there are a plotting table, 22 plastic model aircraft, a label sheet, 4 RAF Group Displays, 3 German Luftflotte Displays, 1 German Target and 1 British Production Track, 48 RAF Squadron Cards, 112 German Luftwaffe Squadron Cards, 50 mission cards, 21 fuel tokens, 7 radar detection markers 5 non-detect markers, 7 bombing run markers, 64 bomb markers, 5 double side air combat markers, 1 double sided big wing marker, 14 air ace markers, 1 scenario rurn track marker, 12 dice and 1 rule book.